Online Marketplace Enforcement


Faced with a surge of counterfeits flooding online marketplaces, a group of the world’s leading educational publishers relied on BCGuardian to develop a custom solution to remove the counterfeits from circulation and provide the evidentiary basis, not just for litigation and enforcement, but for outreach to channel partners, distributors, and online marketplaces.


BCGuardian’s team of experts devised a multi-pronged enforcement program centered around the collection of evidence at scale, building the infrastructure and developing the resources necessary to purchase, inspect, and process thousands of units each month of what purported to be our clients’ goods.


The evidence, research, and reporting generated by BCGuardian have fueled our clients’ anti-counterfeiting enforcement efforts with marketplace storefronts, wholesale distributors, retail distributors, and foreign manufacturers.

BCGuardian’s efforts also enabled our clients to align much of the ecosystem in the fight against counterfeits, contributing to the development and wide-spread adoption of a series of anti-counterfeiting best practices, removing thousands of counterfeits and pirate sellers from the marketplace along the way.

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