Amplify the reach of your own brand protection efforts.

You can’t always trust your customers to recognize counterfeit products or the “anonymous” online sites and merchants that sell them, and it can be overwhelming to police what seems like an endless stream of bad actors.

Not anymore.

BCGuardian develops and manages anti-counterfeiting programs on your behalf. We’ll build intelligence that can be leveraged to proactively identify bad actors and achieve systemic change. The enforcement element of our programs protects your brand while putting counterfeiters on notice. We can even assist with educating trusted distributors and identifying potential issues in your supply chain.

Pursue a larger unified IP protection strategy and you’re pushing back against illegitimate production.

Let us show you how.

Representative Services


Counterfeit Exposure Reviews

Understand the unique threats facing your products. Answer questions like: Where and how much of my catalog is exposed? What is the impact to my business? What can I do about it?

Test Purchasing at Scale

Develop the greatest insight into the sources of counterfeits and secure evidence for enforcement.

Comprehensive IP Protection Program Management

From fielding and responding to internal stakeholders’ IP protection concerns to traditional vendor management, let BCGuardian serve as your full “outside IP protection department” freeing you to do what you do best.

Counterfeit Identification and Best Practices Training

Counterfeits are bad for everyone in the legitimate stream of commerce. Align the participants in your value chain in the fight against counterfeits and empower them to share responsibility for identifying counterfeit goods.

Strategic Notice Program Development and Management

More than a simple notice and takedown program, we design data-driven notice programs to strategically target the threats that matter most to your business.

Data Mining & Analysis

If you have a question related to brand protection, we can develop a dataset to help answer it. Assess trends related to the proliferation and traffic to pirate-sites and so much more.

We empower our clients to reclaim lost sales and achieve systemic change by addressing the root sources and enablers of infringement.