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Your clients come to you to hold bad actors accountable. Let us provide the intelligence you need to ensure success.

Our team has broad expertise in developing, managing, and conducting complex multijurisdictional, interdisciplinary investigations. From targeted initiatives to sweeping evidence collection across rings of interconnected “anonymous” players, we work with law firms to develop litigation-ready evidence of infringement.

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Representative Services

Test Purchasing at Scale

Develop the greatest insight into the sources of counterfeits and secure evidence for enforcement.

Strategic Notice Program Development and Management

More than a simple notice and takedown program, we design data-driven notice programs to strategically target the threats that matter most to your clients’ businesses.

Evidence Collection and Management

Systematically develop targeted evidence of infringement, whether online or in the warehouse, for your clients’ IP protection litigation efforts.

Data Mining & Analysis

If your clients have questions related to brand protection, we can develop a dataset to help answer it. Assess trends related to the proliferation and traffic to pirate-sites and so much more.

We empower our clients to reclaim lost sales and achieve systemic change by addressing the root sources and enablers of infringement.