Conventional IP protection can be challenging to navigate, but you don’t have to settle for out-of-the-box solutions. BCGuardian enables you to achieve more with strategies that target the unique risks to your business.

Break Free from

Solutions Developed
and Managed by
IP Protection Experts

Maximize the Impact of
Your IP Protection Budget

Support for Litigation and
Expanded IP Enforcement

We empower our clients to reclaim lost sales and achieve systemic change by addressing the root sources and enablers of infringement.


We work with rights owners and the organizations supporting them to expertly navigate the constantly evolving landscape of IP protection.

Content Owners

We’ll help you understand your exposure.

We’ll strategically target critical sources of piracy with programs that achieve more than just vanity metrics.


Leverage the full force of your value chain in the fight against counterfeiting.

We can amplify the reach of your own efforts.

Law Firms

Support your clients’ brand and content protection objectives.

We provide expert analysis and delivery of evidence to support targeted enforcement initiatives.

Trade Associations

Align your industry against the common threats of infringement.

Let us help you realize the efficiencies of a managed IP protection program.

Our clients are leading contributors to the creative economy.