Trade Associations

Power to change the status quo

The challenges of piracy and counterfeiting are shared by all members of creative communities. Effective IP protection strategy is not.

Coordinated association-led IP protection efforts have the power to change the status quo, leading to systemic change for your members. Trade associations partner with BCGuardian to address specific IP protection challenges and to understand unique threats facing their industries.

Demonstrate your commitment to IP protection and maximize the value offered to your members by partnering with BCGuardian.

Representative Services

Strategic Notice Program Development and Management

More than a simple notice and takedown program, we design data-driven notice programs to strategically target the threats that matter most to your members’ businesses while generating valuable evidence for enhanced enforcement.

Comprehensive IP Protection Program Management

From fielding and responding to your members’ IP protection concerns to traditional vendor management, let BCGuardian serve as your full “outside IP protection department” to offer even more value to your members.

Platform Audits

Whether a third-party marketplace or a new media platform, understand the scope of infringing activity across a given platform.

Data Mining and Analysis

If your members have questions related to brand protection, we can develop a dataset to help answer it. Assess trends related to the proliferation and traffic to pirate-sites and so much more.

We empower our clients to reclaim lost sales and achieve systemic change by addressing the root sources and enablers of infringement.