Inventory Audit to Identify and Seize Counterfeit Goods


BCGuardian uncovered counterfeit copies of our clients’ goods in a distribution channel partner’s inventory. Upon closer examination, it became apparent that a systematic flaw in the channel partner’s procurement network had been exploited and was being taken advantage of by a ring of foreign counterfeiters to dump counterfeit versions of our clients’ goods into the U.S. market.


BCGuardian worked with the channel partner across numerous distribution centers within the channel partner’s network to coordinate and execute a targeted audit of all inventory believed to be infected by the inflow of counterfeits.


BCGuardian and our clients reviewed over 100,000 units of inventory at risk for being affected by the foreign ring’s illegal counterfeiting activity. When all was said and done, tens of thousands of counterfeit units were identified and removed from the channel partner’s inventory.

BCGuardian’s collaborative efforts with its clients’ channel partner led to a strong working relationship, which included delivering training for the channel partner to identify counterfeit versions of our clients’ goods on intake. It also led to a review and establishment of controls to prevent counterfeits from entering the channel partner’s inventory in the first instance.

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